>Ponder this…

>When did our parents get un-smart (I choose this word instead of dumb, because it sounds alot better, and is probably more accurate to the point that I want to get across…)?

Within the last several years, I have been able to see where the wisdom and advice that my parents have always tried to give me become so applicable to daily life. I often think, “hey, my mom/dad really knew what they were talking about when they said…” or, more accurately, “hey, they’re pretty smart!” Then my mind wanders back to when I was younger (much younger) and I would do or believe anything they asked/said without question.

I see so many parallels between this scenario and our relationship with the Lord… when we are children (or believing as children do), we take His word, His presence and His actions at face value, and relish them as they come. It is when our worldly nature takes over that we begin to question God’s motives (as if they could be anything but perfect for our lives) and ask “why this”, “why me” or just plain “WHY?”.

This small word has been a big issue for me for a long time, and at last (within the last 3 or so years) I’ve been better able to stop, listen for the Lord’s voice, and lean on him without fear or hesitation as I would have my own earthly father (or mother!) when I was a child.


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