>Friday 10/6/2006

Our home grew by two feet! No, not the kind of feet that measure distance. Rather the kind that squirm and wiggle: baby feet! Alexander James (formerly known as “Peach”) joined us on Friday 10/6/06. He was born at 7:41 PM, measured 21 1/4 inches in length, and weighed in at a mighty 7 pounds, 11 ounces.

I knew before Alex was born that I would undoubtedly love him, but I didn’t realize how deep that love would be. For me, his birth adds a whole new perspective to the story of Abraham and Isaac. I can honestly say that in a million years, I could not be as obedient to God as Abraham was. I would put myself on that altar before even considering taking my little boy on the journey to the mountain. I guess that goes to further prove that I am a child myself in my understanding of God, and certainly not a prophet!

Anyway, that said, isn’t he just the cutest, most precious baby to breathe air? Jason and Lindsey, if you read this I have to apologize for this statement. My parental bias makes me think that he is even cuter than Carter, although Carter is a very close second place.


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  1. >CONGRATULATIONS!!! I would love to see you soon…once things slow down, eh? Wendy and Kevin, I’m so excited for you guys. I know you will make wonderful parents. Boy, he’s such a cutie…I really mean that. Take care, Wendy, and know we miss you.Love,Emily

  2. >Thanks Em! We’ll be back for a visit as soon as we get some sort of schedule figured out… I’d hate to keep the grandparents up all night… They have already done their time!Love to you all!Wendy

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