>That is the one of two ways that I can accurately describe the first week of parenthood (the second being a roller-coaster). I knew going in that it is an awesome responsibility, but I think that you need to experience it to truly appreciate the weight that it carries.

When I was pregnant, I thought, “boy, I can’t wait to have this baby so that I can stop worrying all of the time…”. Now that I have a child, I realize that you worry more when they are out of the womb than you ever could fathom while they are still inside. This weeks worries (And answers…):

1. Will I damage my little boy by switching from nursing to formula? – (Answer: of course not! Even though strong advocates of nursing will have you believe that you are. I was bottle fed, and it did not “damage” me, I believe there is hope for our Alex).

2. Is my little boy getting enough to eat at mealtime? – (Answer: If he isn’t getting enough, you’ll find out sooner rather than later… babies cry when they are hungry!)

3. Will he sleep at night if he sleeps all day? – (Answer: Sometimes yes, sometimes no… depends on how tired he is, and how badly you want a good night’s sleep.)

4. Am I doing a good enough job? – (Answer: Who knows… as long as the diaper is empty, the stomach is full and the baby is loved, the rest is in God’s hands).

5. Word of advice – put baby in a diaper one size too big for overnight (if they wear newborns during the day, put them in #1s overnight)… this will prevent them from wetting through their diaper when they don’t wake you to change them, and will prevent new mom and dad from having to wash baby’s bedsheets on a daily basis…

With that I leave you for now. Take care, God Bless.


~ by pe2nia1 on October 18, 2006.

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  1. >Ah, there you have it. Sounds like you are learning a lot. You know, I ran into Jenny Hendrickson today and she was so excited when she learned that you guys had Alex. I guess she was unaware that you were even pregnant…she says hi. You’re doing great, Wendy, you’re a real champ! Tell Kevin I said, “Hey there, bro!” -Bye.

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