>A Weighty Shift In Perspective

>A couple of weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers. While I don’t view myself as HUGELY overweight, I could stand to lose more than a few pounds. When considering my goal weight (what I want to weigh in the end) I realized how warped my perspective on my size to be about 15 years ago.

Back then I was what any physician would consider a healthy weight for my height – 150 lbs. At that time, I thought I was most probably the fattest of all of my friends and generally an embarrassment to them. My solution: skip breakfast, eat as little as possible for lunch, and for dinner – a 32oz. lemon lime or cherry Gatorade.

Now I am a college education, healthy marriage and one sweet little boy later a number of pound heavier. And trying to get back to that goal of 150 is realistic and healthy now that my perspective (and dietary habits) have changed. Here’s hoping my weight changes and my perspective remains the same.


~ by pe2nia1 on March 12, 2008.

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