>Redirection – Part 1

>It’s the time of year when the songbirds come out of hiding, when the rays of sunshine begin to get just a little bit warmer, and when I tend to really reflect on the not-so-subtle ways that God has redirected my life and on the people who he has placed directly in my path to give me grace in those times. I think the reason why it always happens at this time of year is because that’s the first time I really remember it happening.

Back in the day when I knew everything (including how the rest of my life would play out), I had some pretty grand aspirations that I was striving for and would eventually get. Or at least I though so. After all, when the AT Dept. for OSU Athletics calls, aren’t they going to tell me how wonderful I am, and how they can’t wait to have me come to work with them in the fall? Not so much.

I remember standing in our ladies’ PE teacher’s office during spring practices to take that call. I don’t remember the exact words, but they went something like “We’re really impressed with your experience, but you didn’t make the cut. If someone else changes their mind (YEAH, RIGHT) you are our first alternate”. All I remeber after that was trying somewhat unsuccessfully to maintain my composure until they hung up. After that, I went to our very small training room and tried, again unsuccessfully, to continue on as if nothing were the matter.

What happened next is an example of grace that I didn’t see until years after the fact. A person whom I considered to be my mentor took me aside and let me go to a vacated classroom (the vacated Shop Class workshop, first workbench) to let myself cope with the passing of this opportunity. You see, he knew how much this lost opportunity hurt. I was allowed to sob, and get ugly on my own terms. After a period of time he came back to the room and offered support and other suggestions for fufulling my dreams. Long story short, I accepted the support, not the suggestions.

This is the first time in my life where God re-directed me, and let me tell you it hurt. I am even teary-eyed as I recall it. But, it also showed me how the support and compassion and grace of a friend can be the balm that soothes that pain.

Each time I’ve been very obviously re-directed , God hasn’t done it without providing a friend who has shown compassion and grace. Other occasions of re-direction:

Leaving OSU to attend BGSU
Deciding five weeks before college graduation that I don’t have a desire to teach
Moving away from my friends and family to start my own family
Changing from full- to part- time employment so I can be a full-time mama

I’ll entertain you with posts about these things at a later date… Stay tuned for more laughs.


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  1. >You are so right. When God redirects, there is often pain involved. But then, I find myself looking back and I see that the pain was often of my own causing (from my own attachment to something that God didn’t intend for me to do, etc). But still. Ouch.I’ll enjoy reading the rest of your thoughts on this… : )

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