>A Weighty Shift in Perspective – update

>In my previous post about this topic, I related my desire to cut a few pounds. Well, I’m proud to report that the first third of my goal is complete. I’ve lost 20 pounds! To get a visual on that, pile up 20 boxes of butter (eeewww!).

The good part about all this is that I feel great. The bad part is that I’m rapidly running out of warm clothing… HURRY UP SUMMERTIME, I want to wear the shorts that have been hiding in the depths of my drawers for the last several years!

My gift to myself (once the loss is confirmed at a meeting, of course) will be a mini make-over. About 4 inches chopped off of the coiffure, and brand-new highlights. A new look for the skinnier me, and there may even be before/after pictures to tickle your collective funny bones!


~ by pe2nia1 on April 15, 2008.

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