>Integrity like common sense is apparently not all that common, and I think I can now understand why. It came to me just this afternoon when I was paying my “tab” at the local Irish Pub. Let me explain…

Last night, I splurged and ordered dinner out for myself because Nurse Man was working. I ordered Onion Soup, Colcanon Potatoes, and Irish Cream Mousse Cake from Sully’s Irish Pub here in town. I ordered, picked it up, went home, put kiddo to bed, immensely enjoyed my dinner (carbo-loaded though it was!) and watched a movie. As I was getting ready for bed I emptied my pockets as I do every night and discovered that I short-paid the girl at the pub by $10. She didn’t realize it at the time, and I obviously didn’t either. So after a shower and much debating with my conscience about what to do I called the restaurant and told them what I’d discovered. The lady was very understanding, and even said not to worry about settling up.

Fast forward to this morning. I took the $10 with me to church with the intention of dropping it off after service, but the place was closed. Well, I thought, why not go to lunch? After all, I tried to pay up, but the place was closed. So, off to lunch were kiddo and I. After enjoying a leisurely lunch with my son, I went to pay, and could NOT find the $10 I was planning on using. So, after declining the offer to pay for our lunch from the nice man behind us in line, I put it on plastic and was out the door. What did I find in the car? You guessed it, $10.

From there, I did go to the pub to finally pay my bill and was SHOCKED at the response I got. People were amazed that I came back! They were suprised at my honesty and, dare I say, integrity! Come to think about it, I am too.


~ by pe2nia1 on October 26, 2008.

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