>I Think I Lost My Mind Today…

>So, I was sitting at a planning meeting today with a group of people from my church. We were planning the series of services that will follow Epiphany Sunday (this is the second Sunday following Christmas, also known as Kings’ Sunday). We had finished brainstorming topics and were in the process of picking/assigning teachers for each week. It was at this point that I think I lost my mind… or maybe the Holy Spirit took over, I really don’t know.

After about 75% of the topics were chosen, I piped up and said “I’ll take one” and quickly made my selection, lest I should change my mind. Imagine the surprise in the room. Wendy picked one?? Wendy? Swantek?!?? The one who barely says a word? The one who bailed out of the profession of education almost 10 years ago? Yup, that would be the one!

As I think about it though, I believe the Lord has prepared me well for this bout with temporary insanity. I’m not too scared to speak publicly, providing I know the crowd. I certainly know how to teach (I’m trying to convince myself that it’s kind of like riding a bike…). Most importantly, it’s been on my heart for quite a long time. I’ve prayed about it for a while, and I really believe that God is urging me to use the skills and gifts that I have in this area, however rusty they may be.

That said, wish me luck!


~ by pe2nia1 on December 8, 2008.

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  1. >Where was it in the Gospels that Jesus said something like…don’t worry about what you’re to say, the Holy Spirit will fill you and you’ll know just the thing? (Of course, I still advise you to do your research. 🙂 Just don’t let your nerves take over…trust in the Spirit and ask your guardian angel to hold you up!)

  2. >Sage advice, as always! I’m doing all of the above, plus writing exactly what I’ll say, just in case the nerves do make an appearance… 😉

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