>The Week Of Hope


Have you ever looked into the face of a baby and wondered what he/she will become in life? I know I have at least a million times over the last two years. Did you ever wonder if Mary did the same thing with Jesus? I mean, she already knew he was to be the Savior of all mankind. Talk about taking the suspense out of things! She may or may not have wondered, I couldn’t say. I can guess though, that one thing she did was hope.

This second week of Advent is centered on hope. What are your hopes? Many of our daily hopes are pretty small in the grand scheme of things (like, I hope I don’t screw up the powerpoint too badly today!). Some of them have greater meaning (I hope that people can see the light of the Lord in me, even though it’s been a really rough day). I want to challenge you to have hope in everything, especially the big things. This is the season when hope is born.


~ by pe2nia1 on December 8, 2008.

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