>Well Springtime has almost arrived here in Northeast Ohio. Today is the last day of winter and the promise and freshness of a new season is heavy in the air. Hmmm… that must mean it’s time for one last little bit of snow. Let’s just be clear, I’m not in want of this snow. However, living here brings the possibility of snow all the way through the month of April.

Anyway, there’s been much going on in our home over the last few months (thus, the lack of posts). It’s probably about time to fill in the blanks! The biggest event is that Big Brother started Preschool in February. He absolutely loves it! He tells me what they did after every session, including every detail down to who brought the juice that day. His memory is amazing… I’m going to have to start being very careful!

Husband’s job and life is pretty status quo, which is great given all of the excitement that Big Brother brings to the mix. Things with me are good too. The pregnancy has been uneventful thus far. Aside from the increase in size of the belly bump, I’d never know that I’m even pregnant!

As always the kiddo, work and church activities keep me hopping and although I can’t wait for this baby to be born, it will be a challenge for me to back away for a short time once the babe comes. I’ve already had multiple conversations that have started, “If I can schedule the c-section for Monday or Tuesday, then we won’t have to adjust x, y, and z in our schedules.” Seriously, it’s as if I’ve forgotten that the aftermath of birth feels like having gotten run over by a train!

Pretty boring stuff to the outsider. I just wanted all five of my “regulars” to know that contrary to what you may think, our family has NOT dropped off of the globe.


~ by pe2nia1 on March 19, 2010.

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