>A Tale of Two Brothers – First Installment

This morning was “the big reveal” at the OB’s office. We (husband, big brother and both grandmas) found out beyond doubt that the baby’s a boy. Big brother was about as excited as any three-year-old would be until the 3D pictures rolled around. To say he was captivated by them would be at least an understatement.

After the ultrasound, grandmas and brother were herded into the waiting room while husband and I met with the doctor. When we finally came out into the waiting room, we found brother being entertained by the grandmas and thought that things must have gone quite smoothly while we were talking with the doctor. How wrong we were.

It turns out that through the course of waiting for us (in all, about 10 minutes) big brother stepped to the defense of his yonger sibling for the first time. It seems that the mini-fridge in the waiting room (which is typically well stocked with small water bottles) only had two bottles in it. Big brother took one and left the other one. A dad who was waiting with his pregnant wife opened the door to take the last bottle and my little man piped up, “No! You can’t have that one, it is for my baby brother!” and proceeded to sit opposite the offending water bottle snatcher and give him the stink-eye until the man and his wife were called back.

The first battle for the rights of the littler one by the big brother.


~ by pe2nia1 on April 2, 2010.

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  1. >Hilarious!And many, many congratulations. 🙂

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