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>I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately… mostly about purpose. Wondering what my purpose is. In the past, I’ve fancied my life going in many different directions. But, the reality is that my life has been spent here in cold, snowy, boring northern Ohio. Hardly inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had many goals in life. I wanted to be the first female athletic trainer for the Green Bay Packers (too long of a story for here… if you know me, ask about it sometime. I’ll share.) For those of you who knew me back then and remember that goal, you have my permission to laugh heartily. I wanted to be a high school English/Communications teacher. Until I got into a classroom. Yikes! I wanted to work in a job where I could help homeless people. Didn’t happen. So, you see the trend of goals un-achieved. Fast forward to current.

I’ve been reading the blogs of several people who either are or have used their talents to better the world in places far different from Ohio. In fact, they are (or have been) in places far different than the United States. They are doing things that make a difference in the greater world, using their time and God-given talents to make this world, or at least the corner of the world that they occupy, a better place. And I’ve been getting frustrated.

Frustrated because in the grand scheme of things, my life feels insignificant. Frustrated because most of what I’ve wanted to do with my life has not happened. I’m realizing though, that maybe that’s the problem. I’m so caught up in my wants and my desires and my perceived failures that I’m missing the bigger picture. I fail to notice the differences that I am making in the lives of those around me, specifically my husband and sons.

Soon enough, my boys will be young men. Then, they’ll be leaving home and starting a home of their own. What my husband and I teach them now will be the foundation for how they act and what they choose later in their lives. Now, I’m not the type of parent who intends to live vicariously through my children, but you better believe that I want them to aspire to do great things… great BIG things. Things that make their corner of the world a better place for their having been there.

What all of this makes me realize is that this is my corner of the world. This is my place to make better. These are the lives that I will affect. It may not be as exotic a place as the rainforests of South America or as far away as the other side of the world. But, though the hours are long (some may say never-ending) you can’t beat the benefit plan. And besides, I already know the language!


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  1. I like it. I was going to be policeman (didn’t happen) or join the FBI (disqualified because of eyesight.). Such is life. However if you don’t think you have influence because you don’t have a certain career you’re wrong. The slightest interaction can have a profound effect on someones life. Just saying hello politely to someone instead of walking away can be the one snowflake that lands on top of a mountain that determines which way the avalanche can flow. Maybe if you don’t, someone has a bad day and it’s an avalanche of bad feelings and ill-will. Then again, if you do and someone gets that extra bit of encouragement to do something positive. Do not forget that THE most important thing you can be is a parent. It’s not a glamorous or sexy job, but world falters without it.

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