I went to a church other than my own this past weekend and heard a message centered around the Trinity of God.  The pastor did a great job explaining how the Trinity makes logical sense, and that God in each part of the Trinity performs a specific function.  But, that’s not what has kept the wheels in my head turning.  His secondary point (centered around the infinity of God versus the finite-ness of man) has really had me thinking.  Combine his points with the multiple passages from Genesis that  promise that Abraham’s decendants will be as numerous as the stars and that’s some food for thought.

Have you ever been outside in the country on a warm summer evening after a rainstorm?  Have you taken the time to try to see as many stars as you can?  If you let your eyes relax, you can literally see millions, if not billions of stars.  Now, stop to think that these are only a fraction of visible stars on a given evening.  Continue to think that there are many more stars that aren’t visible to the naked eye. 

Now, stop to think that earth is one of those tens (or hundreds, or millions) of billions of pinpoints in the universe…  Also, please remember that size-wise, Earth is the fifth largest planet in our solar system.  It’s surface area is  196,950,000 sq. miles and it’s volume is 259,880,00,00 cubic miles.  Trying to wrap my mind around the fact that something this big isn’t even close to the biggest thing in our planetary neighborhood is near impossible. 

Now, to think that I am but one person on this huge-but-not-enormous planet that’s nestled among all of the stars in the heavens really puts me in my place.  I feel my minute-ness.  I begin to get a glimpse of God’s infinite size.  And I’m beginning to understand something:  when I don’t try to quantify God, I feel closer to Him.  When I don’t try to put Him in a box, my relationship with Him feels more natural.  Sometimes standing in awe is the best kind of worship.  Sometimes, it’s the only kind I’m capable of in the moment.

I guess all of this makes sense though.  After all, He doesn’t want our tiny little brains wrapped around Him; He’d rather have His infinitely strong, merciful and loving arms wrapped around us!


~ by pe2nia1 on March 15, 2011.

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